Sticks and Stones are building blocks of our existence.  We continue to rely on these humble materials in so many ways yet they are often overlooked.   Stick+Stone Jewellery seeks to illuminate the intrinsic beauty of sticks and stones in their natural states and also human made materials that have been altered by natural processes.

Stick+Stone jewellery speaks about our place in the environment.  The beholder may be prompted to consider the endless cycle of materials that we bend to our purposes as tools, consumables, symbols, adornments and lastly rubbish. The notion of natural beauty and perfection in the commonly overlooked humble object is something that is illuminated again and again in her work.

Stick+Stone is the endeavour of Rebecca Ward who works from her off-grid, solar powered studio at Stoney Edge Nature Refuge nestled in National Park of the Sunshine Coast hinterland in QLD Australia.  Apart from the flora and fauna of the forest, Rebecca shares her life with her public artist partner Russell Anderson and two daughters.